Friday, October 1, 2010

It's something like a dare or a sympathy. We take it as a sign of hope when we encounter failure just to make ourselves happy and satisfy. You know you should, but somehow you didn't.

 So, you left comments in my Facebook wall. Not really sure what sort of signal you are trying to send out but then somehow I am interpreting two sets of messages here. According to your last comment, this is how I see it:

1. I should be moving on and stop disturbing your life. How sure are you that I am still clinging on your affection? To be honest, I have been controlling myself pretty well. Although there's this urge to call or text you, somehow I manage to get over it as I am constantly being reminded that it's just a phase. Once I can slowly let go, then I can move on completely. After all, up till today I still can't figure out what do you really really want from this "friendship".


2. I should be having fun, with you of course. Whenever I am feeling lonely, depress or sometime horny, I should be calling you so that you can comfort me. I know you are sincere and you will always try your best to give me advice whenever possible as I am aware that you are busy with your work. I know I can just talk to you and then be happy in the end. I will have to admit that whenever I am see you, I am happy. Sounds cliche, I know. Imagine what would my life be when I am really with you?

So tell me, should I be seeing it from number 1 point of view or perhaps number 2?


tuls said...

haha.. if you dowana get into a relationship then number 1 is the answer.. and if youre just out for fun then number 2 lor.. but you will have to know yourself whether what do you expect from this relationship.. oh well.. bu zhi dao la..

Chen Xing said...

I am putting him aside, and focus on someone who is much more genuine at the moment.

Hopefully, it will turn out well. Fingers cross.