Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"The eyes are the nipples of the face", phrase taken from the movie House Bunny.

Got to admit that naturally, I don't have double eyelids. What's worst, it's like a 50:50 thingy. Every time when I wake up, my right eye tend to look very tired and not flattering at all to the face. It's always the left one will give me the double eyelid, whereas the right one just plainly lazy.

So in order to perfect things up, I got to fake it in order to show a balanced set of eyes. For me to do that, I bought the double eyelid stickers thingy. Put it on, for about a day. Then take it off, you will have double eyelids for about week. Just repeat the cycle when you see that the effect is gone.

Trust me, it does wonder. At least by putting on the stickers, it open up our eyes hence making it bigger. Don't worry as the stickers are actually transparent, hence it will not be that noticeable unless it's a close up.

Now, from today onwards I got to start observing which other guys are using the stickers. Who knows, maybe some straight guy might be using it as well.

Oh gosh, just love that piercing look.


Aiden said...

I didn't even know that such a thing existed! O.O

tuls said...

i have 3 eyelids on one side and 4 on the other... its like syaitan especially after i get up in the morning.. i thing i will have like double the amount.. hahahaha

Chen Xing said...

@A: Got. What to do, my eyes are small. So got no choice.

@tuls: 3 & 4. Interesting...

Aiden said...

If its of any consolation, I think its kinda attractive. But depends on the person too. :)