Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That night and that weekend, 2 moments I am with you. Though those moments went by quickly, I felt the tender love given by you. It seems that you were interested at first but then in the end, you weren't really ready yet.

I tumbled, and I got myself fallen into darkness. Heart broken into million pieces, nothing I can do. No one can help. I regretted for that one stupid move which I made. I moved too quickly, jumping into the question that I think you wanted to avoid. Blame me, and I am sorry.

I hope you weren't scared by the question, or simply me. It's not few days of conversation we had, but then we chatted for almost 3 months, right before that incident which caused the chemistry between us to dissolve. Now, weren't that enough for you to at least give me the answer? Oh yea, you did. You said you weren't ready.

Every now and then, I use to recall the night we had. I ponder on the memories when I am sad, I fantasize when I am depress and I think of you when I am lonely. It came to me that we were not that connected anymore, till recently.

Recently, we met. I am glad you text me. At least I know, you still care. Perhaps in a different way, not the way how I want it to be. Awkward to see you at first, but then I felt the connection all over again.

Does that mean there is a second chance to love?