Thursday, October 28, 2010

Are you feeling sick and tired of playing this game?

Every time when you turn on the web messenger, or even when you log in to your Facebook account, you will hope that he will just comment on your wall or post up something sweet just for you. Or, you would just wait for him to initiate a chat so that you all can catch up on what's happening in your daily life.

Daily is a little obsessive, once in a while I just hope that he will be the one that sparks the conversation. Not portraying that I am being desperate, but then most of the time I'll be the one messaging him or at times visit his Facebook page quite very often. And when he didn't reply me, I started to make silly assumptions. All just because I said that "I like you" and you are still not ready.

I guess I just wanted to know you more. That's all.

I am aware this has been turning into an unhealthy obsession. It plays with your emotions and it really drains your energy out. Gosh, here am I not feeling well and questioning myself whether this is an actual problem worth worrying about.

Should I throw the dice now, and see where it takes me to? Or simply wait for the next player to make the move?


Jon C said...


It happens to me too. :P
I'd check out his FB every other hour to see what he's up to..

Resulting with obvious sadness. But I still do it. :(

Sigh. Then again, probably you'd wanna wait and see?

Chen Xing said...

I don't know, it's been quite sometime. Somehow, just tired and drained out.Sometimes he will give the hint, sometimes he will be a total stranger.

Do you think this is kind of sad?

What a life we are having... :(

tuls said...

he play hard to get but if you initiate a conversation or anything and he accommodate along then it should be fine, but if its an obvious one way thing then just move on..

bubu was like that at first, then i couldnt take it anymore and i asked him what does he really want, i told him if he really want this as i have given my everything, he should tell me soon if not i will just move on..

and yes..

he said he is not ready..

and we kinda separated but we got back after that, dono what had gotten into him but he said that he made a mistake and everything.. it wasnt long la, thats why the feel is still there..

but seriously..

its really up to you..

its easier said then done CX..

this weekend Marketplace, halloween!! if my name is in the list then i will go lor :) see you if i see you :)

Aiden said...

I hate it when people do that. So I'm always direct. Maybe that's why my first impression scares off most of the people. Hahaha.

But seriously, do something other than torturing yourself. Stop thinking about it and it'll come to you naturally what you're supposed to do. Whatever it is, I hope the end result makes you happy :)

Jon C said...

yeaa. What a sad life. To me it is.
Well, it's something I learned the hard way too.

After awhile I realized i'm not fit for his emotional games anymore. I can't be too bothered. So it's kinda bearable now.

At the end of the day, I'm just waiting for someone to fill the void.. sigh

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Wow, thanks for sharing that tuls. I have asked him once, so he knows very clear what I want. I guessed now it's on his end. If he wants me, then just let me know.

Btw, what list are you talking about?

@A: Yup. Maybe I should be more direct, especially towards things/men that I want.

@Jon C: As much as it's a painful experience, I think it taught us valuable lesson here. And strongly agree here that I am feeling numb of it already. Sort of like immune to this "torture".

tuls said...

i join lovemachine kl on facebook, every wed/thu they will invite you to party in marketplace and will open a list for you to join.. its called the fab 50 list. if you get into the list by the end of the week before that night itself then you can get in for free lor.. i will only go if my name is in the list cos i dont drink mar.. so wasted la cos i dowana pay.. i only go there to cardio :)

Chen Xing said...

Ah, not aware of the free pass available. No wonder you've been cardio-ing every other weekend so frequently.