Monday, September 17, 2012

So, along the way... you got to know a guy.

You guys chatted, and a relationship with him is formed.

Yes, you are officially in a relationship. Finally !

Along the way, the journey of chase and courting was documented. In the blog, in your little diary, your memory as well as the casual up-to-date chat with fellow besties.

Those night phone calls, chatting till the wee hours.

You were in love, and you told them how much you love this guy. Nothing else, but this guy.

Question is, when you are already officially attached will you take the man out and introduce him to your friends ?

If yes, what are the parameters that you work on:

  • After 2 - 3 months into the relationship ?
  • When both, mutually agreed that they should know each other's clique the soonest possible so that they can continue to learn about each other.
  • Doesn't really matter as love is between two souls.

Somehow, part of me is feeling a little selfish (I mean if I were to be attached) and I don't really want to make it such a big event in front of my friends.

They will see me as flaunting, and there might a little chance that it will jinx the newly formed love.

Well, just a random thought.

Am still very much single at this point.

: P


Twohornschild said...

I will always show the world my muse. Not "a" show off but to me it's like a blessing that i could introduce to my besties. Unless they are like rafflesia. Anyway Rafflesia would only show if his bf is compatible. I think in my case he would naturally be included with my besties cause he is a part of me.

Vincent~ said...

nope. i wont.

In fact, i will try to put it off until i am very comfortable with tat idea. Because like i said in my previous post, the way we interact will b different, the dynamics will be different.

Even with my good friends, i will feel nervous abt it. So we usually go out with mutual friends, or the ones tat we talk about.

Jason seems quite comfortable with showing me to hie friends though.

Leo Nut said...

I would be like you, selfish. Another thing is that i'm not exactly out, so there aren't many people i would tell. No point boasting to people to me, just enjoy time together if i were to get together. lol

J-boy said...

Same as LeoNut... I don't have gay friends really, apart from bloggers and some guys I met here and there..

But even then, I don't think I would be very comfortable with the idea of my bf (If I had one) hanging out with my friends... On the other hand, if my bf wants me to meet and hang with his friends, then it won't be a problem for me :P

JokerPJ said...

herm~ Friends always seems to be drag along the way... but I think I share your view... keep friends out =P


tuls said...

the third one ba.. is between two souls la.. wont really rush to intro to clique etc, if it happens then happens la, if not then no need lor.. :)

Ash Godiva said...

"They will see me as flaunting, and there might a little chance that it will jinx the newly formed love."

can't agree with you more than this

Danny said...

ooo? got progress liao?
we shall talk .. real soon ..:)
btw, sudah ada DDD full season liao :)

Shake Trees said...

u dua orang suka la. mau tanya lagi. oh sorry the lorry forgot u still jingle single. can go imagine. frens u mean not ur gud auntie uncle hor. then better not. haha...
oh btw u didnt think abt if he's the one taking u out to meet his gud auntie uncle. haha...

chaiminhuei said...

For me it's a matter of personal preference and discussing with each other maturely about each other's expectations and thoughts about meeting each other's friends. There is no universal formula.

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Hmm...but now, Rafflesia is...poof...gone from your FB.


@Vincent~: What if there's no mutual friends ? Only the 2 of you all ?

@Leo Nut: Correct, enjoy the alone time being together.

BTW, how's your quest going on ? (The one you asked in a private email.)

@J-boy: Heheh, make sure don't go cheating on him later on ok ?

I have friends...who are just, plainly sluts. true love, but don't know how to appreciate it.

@JokerPJ: Heheh, so any progress on your end ? Must share with us here ok.

@tuls: And I have yet to find the other part of my soul.


@Ash Godiva: Maybe am just overly superstitious with this belief.

@Danny: Ya, we should. And I want to watch DDD. Got any other series to share ??

@Koala Express: Hi there ! Thanks for dropping by.

No it's not those auntie or uncle.


@chaiminhuei: Hmm, having read through all the comments. Am so eager for a partner now.


Danny said...

cougar town is not bad
big c iso quite nice

Twohornschild said... without friends like that i'll definitely intro. :)Why ah? actually?

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Big C ? Comedy-drama ?

@two horns child: Ok ok, then you intro to me ok ? Waiting for the good news.