Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am running out of clothes to wear for work. I am getting bored of all the selections, all the possible mix-and-match pieces which I have put together is getting really really routine-based. I am sure my colleagues think so that I am not working the office runway anymore. What to do, I am in the state of emergency and sometimes I do wish that my work place introduce uniform to all staff so that I don't go around every morning cracking my head on what to wear.

I've been caught repeating the almost same outfit twice in a week by a colleague. Guilty, guilty and at the same time feeling embarrassed.


In need of cash to get new clothes, new shoes, new bags and new accessories.

Anyone kind enough to lend me a hand? I want to own the office runway once again.

I want to walk, pose, sashay and be in vogue.