Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am mad and quite pissed right now. Writing this entry, I am constantly reminding myself to keep my poise and try not to be so trashy. Not being the bitch here but then the problem just gets on my nerves.

Fuck off!

If you think that I can be a sugar daddy to feed you candy all day long, then think twice please. I am not that kind of person. To be honest, I am tired of contributing things and I would appreciate for once that you can do something grateful to the place that we are cohabiting in, without actually affecting me.

Do you think I like to boss around when it comes to house chores? I am no momma here, and grow up please. Sometimes, just get the act together automatically when the time comes. No point making people angry and then only act upon the forgotten responsibilities. What? Do you cum when I get angry or frustrated?

At times I thank you for your kind help. But then for most of the time, you are just so annoying.

Oh gosh, why do I even care writing about this anymore. I am GAY-er than you and if you can, then by all means please outwit my inner gayness will ya?

Go get a life!!!