Sunday, October 31, 2010

No big event had happened. But then somehow yesterday night, I went all out. A little crazy than usual, very euphoric moment. Drama and catching up again.

So I was at Changkat yesterday evening for dinner and to catch a glimpse of Leona Lewis. Not a big fan, but then it's just so rare that you can see an international celebrity in the streets of Malaysia, performing live. She belted out most of her unknown songs to the crowd, but then towards the end of her performance, I actually sang along.

Once that's up, headed to Marketplace. Met up with another from of mine, and chatted a lot on what's happening our lives - past, present and future. Danced a lot, sat down and grooved again. Still not over with the club music, now I am blasting my ears with beats from DJ Tiesto.

So here's the thing. As usual going to the club, it's like diving into a pool of superficial being. Though as much as you want your personality to speaks for itself, at a glance a lot of the guys out there really acted cool. I don't know perhaps it's easier to be that way than to go all out social butterfly. I mean, if that's how they are projecting then how are they going to mingle and make friends? Just a thought.

I was chatting with a friend and we realized that, recently lots of heteros also into visiting rainbow club such as Marketplace. I mean, it's alright for them to go but then no offense but then do bare in mind that it's a fabulous place to be so you got to maintain  poise. You see, we overheard a group of straight girls criticizing on the friendly gestures we gay people have. Apparently, they were just so disgusted with gay couples touching and kissing.

It's like hello, G-A-Y club. Don't really care as they were just random visitors to the club. Probably quenching their thirst of bi-curiosity or simply expanding their knowledge on the gays.


tuls said...

totally right!! like shoooo!! what the hell is lindsay lohan doing here! oh.. oh wait.. she's bi right? or she lesbo? hahahahahahaha

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Am not sure of her sexuality. But I do know that I am gay.

Mr ET said...

If this is fb, I confirm will push the "like" button. hahaha

Chen Xing said...

@Whizkid: You been through the similar scenario before?