Friday, October 15, 2010

I watched Glee latest episode few days back. Season 2, episode 4 titled Duets. What can I say, by far this would be my most like episode ever. The songs featured, the storyline. I can relate to it easily.

From hot guys to interesting plot, I am just all over this episode as there is nothing satisfying than good music to entertain my soul after a long day at work.

Cutting short the typing, let me just share with you the few songs featured in it.


And just like the last song, happy days are here again, so get happy. Hopefully.

Go watch it!


tuls said...

watch liao!! i love mountain high river deep mercedes santana... fucking awesome!! and of course the last song.. hahahaha.. after breaking my heart song the couple damn perasan right.. say is as though they won the competition like that.. damn funny and brittany is so so-h i laugh out loud like crazy .. for awhile, i thought you are a robot.. omg damn so-h(read as so H)... hahahahahahahahahaha

Chen Xing said...

Dumb-blonde moment by Brit, hehehe. Come, let's remake that song

tuls said...

can you sing? *excited*

Chen Xing said...

I can dance, in fact..very well. :)

tuls said...

awesome.. erm.. ok.. then you are bubu's friend then.. bubu is a amateur dancer.. haha.. he does musical dancing and stuffs.. i on the other hand is a club dancer.. no choreography whatsoever.. free style!! hahahahaha