Saturday, October 9, 2010

Recently, I have been reminiscing on the memories I had with my father. Though it has been a month since he left us, I am still slowly accepting the fact that he will no longer be with us.

A lot of people, friends especially, asked how I am doing. To be frank, I am alright. I mean there is no point for me to parade my emotions in front of the public - they won't really understand my feelings. I just reflect, every time before I go to bed I will think of my beloved father.

Am I still in the mode of being shocked by the reality? I think so.

It's been pretty rough year for me thus far, though couple more months till it ends. I just can't wait for this year to be over and be done with it. I had enough of it and I just need a fresh start all over again.

I will always be missing my dad. He helped me to grow as a man, a lot. Though his teachings given to me weren't that direct. He played an important role in my life.

True enough, what mom said. There are lots more things we wanted to do with dad. But then, life now just took a complete turn. We are slowly coping life without a father, or to my mom without a husband.

We are alright. Taking in your last piece of advice to me, I just got to hold on there and be strong. This will always be kept closely to my heart!

Thanks Pa.


alvin_t said...

i nva knew

justin k said...

The end of the year is just a metaphorical time frame. I believe you can always have a fresh start whenever you are ready to. Just keep that in mind. And if you need me, i'm just a few clicks or tweets away.

Chen Xing said...

@alvin_t: Just what I felt at that moment...

@jk: Yup. Will be in touch often.

Thanks for dropping by!