Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tonight, will be the night.

Before hitting the club, I would probably drop by Changkat to catch a glimpse of Ms. Leona Lewis. Yup, she is in town for an event and hopefully I'll be able to see her.

That's not really the highlight of the day, as I think the most important thing here is to go out and have great fun with friends or alone. It's the weekend, and it's been quite sometime since I hit the club.

So since it's like Halloween, I am pretty sure interesting ensemble of "fashion" people will definitely put on. I am just so eager to see the costumes. As much as I wanted to play dress up, somehow not in the Malaysian scene. It's just very odd looking.

Few looks which I would like to pull of are Cher, Lady Gaga, Superhero (any of them, ranging from those in Marvel or DC) and also a Geisha look - lots of role playing to do. All because it's the time where you are allow to showcase your inner diva. Boys will like to be girls, and girls would like to be boys.

It's alright to mix it up for once.

So are you playing dress-up tonight?


Aiden said...

I'll be studying for my exams with lotsa junk food. So no dress-up for me. Have fun! :)

tuls said...

what you wore ?? :)

Chen Xing said...

@A: I had fun yesterday night. Seeing Leona Lewis & partying with friends...

Still in the midst of exams?

@tuls: I was Cher..heheh. Nope, I dressed casually only.

Aiden said...

Yep yep. Exams till the 15th! :(

Glad you had fun :)