Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Me,

Slutty! Slutty! Slutty!

You must not be thinking this way. How can you expect yourself to be in a steady, fantasy come true relationship when all you think of is the "fun-time" after every meeting/outing?

The one thing right now is to just go out there, make friends and expand the network. Though you have been told that you can be faithful, a lot actually said that keep the options wide open. Hence, the need of getting to know new people.

I know, mix-feelings and confuse. Don't really know what to do, but then please, having sex is not the same as having a relationship. So, take tonight to think about this and hopefully when you wake up tomorrow you will really know what the next step is.

Till then, bare in mind that we are not to give up hope on love. Don't ever force it, it will come when you are ready for it.



tuls said...

good that you know! hahah.. but it easy to say.. doing it is a totally different story :) good luck!!

i was a slut.. *wink*

Chen Xing said...

Lol, will need all the luck in the world as I am on the quest to find true love.

Haha, sounded so "fairytale".