Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Social Media. Yes we know it. With the rapid growth of web-base technology, we as fabulous human being living in this world got no choice but to catch up with it.

It changes very fast, giving us no time to reflect on what was the "in" thing in the world wide web but to always adapt to the changes swiftly.

When it come to this, social media or the web thingy, I am proud to say that I am no dumb-blondie here. Thanks to the work that I am doing from day to day basis, I am happy to learn about this portion of my life.

You see, I view social media as a tool to popularize your presence or a way to market yourself to the public. Well, being in the advertising line, I got no choice but to constantly put pressure to always sell yourself. That's the priority. To sell with creativity. Sometimes you just got to fake it, in order to make it.

It used to be Friendster from the yesteryear. I dumped Friendster for Facebook if not mistaken 5 years ago. I use Facebook to showcase my personal image. I got to say, during my times in college, I made it a compulsory act for me to change the profile picture constantly so that people will know that I am up-to-date. I am sincere in my postings, and from Facebook, you can really gauge who I am really is. Still closeted in Facebook, no intention to come out yet for at least the near future.

Blogspot, Wordpress or Live Journal. Honestly speaking, I am currently managing 2 blogs. One is like closeted blog which I have been blogging ever since the year 2006 and till this year, I have decided to just create another blog - which is this one. Well, this blog gives me more freedom as I don't really have to encrypt every postings like what I did with the first one. My first blog, it's a little neglected right now as I am focusing in building up this blog. I am just so free, as I don't really want couples of reader to really really know about my private rainbow life. Hence the creation of this rainbow in me blog.

Uses it, but not that active as I believe you update your twit status when you are on the go. If you update it via the web, then what's the point. You might as well log in your Facebook or blog to give a status update.

Planet Romeo/Fridae/Axcest:
The top 3 most used gay social networking website by me. Just the same as Facebook, but then I am all out in it. I used to be very anonymous during the initial years of me using the sites but then now, I don't give a damn on it anymore. I am coming out and I want to be happy. Not sure, should I like go sign up on every gay social networking sites available in the web?

So now, aren't we much more self-conscious when it comes to this cyberworld than the reality?


tuls said...

all the buddy websites have got the same person in them.. so.. tak yah la.. haha.. if you want nasi lemak then add on manjam.. if not then that three should be sufficient enough :)

Chen Xing said...

Lol..ok ok.