Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Come on, I got to be the man of my own words.

About half a year ago, I put on a tease.

I posted a picture, and made readers to guess whether it's me or not behind those creatively executed photography.

To be frank, I am not ready for the big reveal. But then I can hear a little voice within me telling me that I must not fake a life.

People often say that "Fake it to make it". And sometimes I do wonder how much of the truth being portrayed and how much of the reality is being blanketed. At the surface it may seems fine, but then a dig to the deeper truth, it hurts.

Hurt so badly.

If you live a life of a dishonesty, and you can't even stay true to who you are, then what's the point of your being in this world ? Is there a need for such role in mankind ?

Do we live upon deceptions, manipulations as well as the constant worries to think about excuses whenever being questioned ?

To fake the weaknesses in us or to accept for who you are, in times, overcome it ?

It's your choice.

So here it goes, man of my words - let your imaginations run wild.

I've actually prepared another piece of picture, but then somehow, this looks more presentable.

Till the very next time, when it hits 40, perhaps I'll post up the picture that was supposedly meant for this entry.



Jon C said...

Ooooh.. ;)

J-boy said...

haha I second Jon C's comment.

sexy & refreshing. it's nice to be able tp picture a face to a blogger. Previously I've always been linking CX to the picture you use as your blogger ID.

And you probably picture me as a green dinosaur riding on a motorbike ride? hahaha I like Yoshi :P

Leo Nut said...

*runs to creates fake accounts to achieve 40* X3

Mr ET said...

oh my..... i was away from blogosphere for too long...... if not, i would have reminded u long time ago.. hehe

anyway.... how to say thgs without being a flirt after seeing ur pic. .... omg omg omg..... not easy at all
... T^T

erm... u look underage? Form 4 or 5 maxed?? (not faking and i think this is not flirting as well)

Anonymous said...

i honestly believe that by not revealing one self does not mean one is faking one's life.
there's always 2 sides of a story, like a coin has 2 sides.
i respect those who have the guts to come out and your decision to come out [is this post really about you coming out?] and i also have deep respect for those who choose to be discreet and closeted. i think the bigger picture here is to respect one's decision. hmm, ok i'm talking nonsense now.
btw you look so young, and cute :-)

Danny said...

hmm.. i think its not considered fake if one decided not to reveal his/her real look/ self/ identity ..
cos sometimes ppl might wish to live a different life.. and he/she can do it here .
to me, if i like the story.. then i'll follow.. if not i'll just let it go lorr.. no big deal :)

btw, u look young and familiar ( with this angle and shading la ;p )

ooi2009 said...

i regret not being nice to u , i could have flirted with u , sigh

chaiminhuei said...

Hi you. The other is not presentable? That's hard to imagine.

Chen Xing said...

@Jon C: Lol. That's a good or a bad thing ?

@J-boy: But then, I have always assumed that the illustration on my profile picture is exactly me.


@Klex: Yikes, now that's putting pressure on me. Ok, am waiting !

@Whizkid: Too young ? Then you shall guess my exact age.

@ryan: I know. Well, this entry isn't really about me coming out. It just to reflect on how fake people can be in life.

Anyway, welcome to my humble blog and thanks for dropping by.

@Danny: Familiar ? Have you seen me somewhere around ? I must have served you before when working part-time in McDonald's.

@ooi2009: Hey, you can still start to treat nice from now on...


@chaiminhuei: Yup, I look somehow "anorexic" in the other picture.

Pluboy2 said...

hehehehe i know more than anyone else here right? :p

tuls said...

such a tease!! i also wanna do teasing post! lolr

Chen Xing said...

@Takashi: depends.


@tuls: Hahah, ok and I shall wait for that entry from you.


simonlover said...

You know people like "us" have strong "imaginations", right?!!!

the viennamese said...

Oh, for some odd reason, I always thought you were a chubby, glasses-wearing kinda person.. Ooops? Haha.

Chen Xing said...

@simonlover: Hi there ! Lol, I know and that's why I am igniting the flow of the creative juice.


@Monsterrr: Did you just changed name ? And why Monster ?

Yikes, must the food-review thingy that I blogged about.


the viennamese said...

Hahahah. Just needed to change my name cuz my colleagues knew I blog and they were Googling my name to find it. And I couldn't think of a better name, so "Monster" it was... until I can think of something else. =)

Chen Xing said...

@Monsterr: Lol, ok.