Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's getting really late and I am still barely asleep. I got to work tomorrow, but then somehow I wanted to blog about this.

I have been thinking. Honestly on all the possibilities in love.

I wanted it very much but then again you don't really get what you want in life that easily. You just have to work hard for it. Plan A gave me love, but then I'll have to make it with him. Plan B on the other hand, gave me love but then without a clear sign. So now, I am torn between the love given by both of them.

At this moment, I am focusing on Plan B.

1. It seems that we express ourselves more openly through web messenger. When we met, you seems to be very quiet and I am always the one who sparks the conversation. Help me out here, I am running out of topics.

2. I know we used to do all the sweet-chatting, all the flirtation through the messages we sent. I like it very much but then now, you aren't giving me any of it anymore.

3. This blurs my signal and my senses. I know I like to be pampered. And for you to treat me most of the time, I am glad that you are the romantic kind of person and like to take charge. But then, I need to know the intention. Once in a while, do let me return the favor as well.

4. I think I need to know you more. Come on and share with me your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I will always be there for you and honestly, I really want to understand you.

5. I must be aware that I am in no position to force you into loving me simply because, you are still not ready. But my question is, when will you be ready?

All I am asking from you is not to be so reserve.


alvin_t said...

just tell plan B and show plan B to this page ... :)

Chen Xing said...