Saturday, April 28, 2012

I was having dinner yesterday night with a friend of mine.

Some hawker centre, with the usual arrangement of folded table and stackable chairs.

We ordered and we sat down.

Few minutes later, a guy walked to the table in front of us and positioned himself directly in front of my sight. He was at the place early, shifted when saw us as he was holding his drink and put it on the table.

While waiting for the food to come, I noticed that the guy were looking at our table kind of very frequent and in an obvious manner.

I got disgusted, and decided not to look around except at my friend and the food I am eating.

As am enjoying my dinner, I realized that the guy actually flashed his penis out. It was easy for him as he was wearing shorts.

It's eerie, and disgusting. He shook his legs, to create a "scene" around that area below the table.

He sat there quite sometime, though finishes his meal already.

We left immediately after our dinner. He followed by.

Thank god we were already in the car, and he didn't know where to look for us.

Yikes, scary !


J-boy said...

Wow he did that in public!?!? Didn't anyone else see it? :P

Which hawker centre is that hahaha.. I should go check it out LOL ;)

zhenyu27 said...
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zhenyu27 said...

dick , was he a chinese ? u probably know it

Leo Nut said...

Yerr.. Like an old uncle isit?.. ><

soul232 said...

u shud just shout "DICK!!" and point at him/it..hahahaha

tuls said...

youre such a sell out CX... lol... dont be so obvious ma... remove those lipsticks now! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! joking joking... lollolll

Danny said...

huh? mana..
i want full story when we meet next time :)

Da Closet Guy said...


Ash Godiva said... do look very gay,hence attracting him...your gay lvl is like...200%....people knows you're a gay from a mile awayXD

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Lol, the one near the place I stay.


@zhenyu27: He is Chinese. You want a piece of him ?

@Leo Nut: Not really that old. But then again, it's old to my eye.

@soul232: Then I would be creating a scene. Somehow, people like this freaks me out.

@tuls: I was only wearing MNG strapless tube & Juicy-couture tight mini-skirt. Can't be that eye-catching right ?

@Danny: Near my place. Next time can meet up with you there for dinner.


@Da Closet Guy: I was blinded. Ahhh...

@Ash Godiva: Teehee...I supposed that's a compliment. And am 300% living proud on my rainbow life.


Da Closet Guy said...

Perhaps next time, if there's a next time (choi), you should take out your phone (pretend to be texting someone) and take a photo of him doing his thing. Go to the nearest police station and report this! I'm sure u ain't his only "target". Should put a stop of this kinda nonsense!! =)

Chen Xing said...

Haha...ok. Will try to do that.


chaiminhuei said...

Wah, new level of horny uncles appearing?

Chen Xing said...

@chaiminuei: Yup. And they can be scary most of the time.