Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two guys, a girl and a pizza place.

Two and a half men.

One common factor, three souls in a scene.

Britney Spears: 1,2,3..Peter, Paul and Mary Michael...Getting down with 3P.

A melody which tune to threesome.

Love making to the next level. As much as orgy is fun to participate, let us focus in making love with two more beings for now.

Lust, temptations and curiosity.

An active engagement which is twice the exhilarating fun, twice the focus and definitely twice the pleasure.

I am not suggesting. Heaven, level 2 please !

Which one to grab, which one to caress, which one to flirt with ? All totally hot, with ripped and well toned body. Running the fingers down to the chest, gently right to the abs and a little further down for an explosion of taste that will fill your mouth.

Mixing flavours, greedy for one more. Put two then in the mouth.


Smooth flowing rhythm. One was liking it while the other was overly aroused.

Wanting more.

It takes two to tango. Tango anyone ?

Slide it in, thrust upwards. Liking it. Slide it in another one, and move it back and forth. Double penetrating it, thrust like there's no tomorrow. Riding the disco sticks like on horses. Joy, double happiness.

Painful ? No, not really. 

What's fun and pleasure when there's no risk and thrill in it ? Mind you, it takes two to really make it a pain in the ass.


tuls said...

are you ok? *feels forehead*
got fever arr? your brain burn jor? hahahahahaha....

J-boy said...

Are you describing a personal experience? :P

Skyhawk said...

@Tuls: ppl 'short' jor...lolx!
@J-boy: Looks like it...

- a L E x - said...

Ouchie... :P

Sam said...

Ah, a lusty fantasy if I ever saw one! :)

I'm not sure I would be able to handle a threesome - although I have to admit that the thought HAS crossed my mind!

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Lol..I have a thing for this. Two or more, in bed. Hahaha..kidding !

Feverish, yes. Slightly. Brain burning, not yet.

@J-boy: No. Not really. Just something that I want write about.

@Skyhawk: You got no comment for me ?

@-aLEX-:'s more than the sound "Ouch" being uttered out.


@Sam Nasser: Fantasy do come true. Imagine if it would to be like a group orgy ? Wonder how I am going to put focus on.

kidz said...

Wooooooooooah... takes 2 to feel the pain.. soo loose already?? =p

Skyhawk said...

@CX: No surprise till dunno how to comment

@Kidz: Hahaha...I like your reply.

Chen Xing said...

@kidz: Who said it was describing me ? Hehe...

Don't want to share on whether it's till tight or not...


@Skyhawk: Surprised ? It's just a blog entry. And didn't say also that it was me.

kidz said...

hahaha... u sure sound like u r writing a personal experience.. in fact a really enjoyable one.. =p

Chen Xing said...

@kidz: Hahaha...maybe I have a very "wild" imagination.

kidz said...

or maybe u r really "wild"... =p

Chen Xing said...

@kidz: I am not "wild" yet. Lol...