Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have always believe that in life, you are able of doing things within the capability that you have.

Hence this is why, we are tied to the terms such as budget and timeline. Given the end number, and we'll have to figure out ways to best fit the expectations.

I have got to humbly admit that I am sort of not good in interacting with people, socially. As by nature, I tend to be a quiet loner. And the irony of this is that, I am in the freaking service industry. The so called "frontier" of the company, a title which is wrongly being associated with by most of the people who are in the same industry as mine.

As much as social skill is vital in humanity, lacking of it doesn't mean that you will not survive in this harsh cruel working environment. It's always the matter on how you want to deal with it, professionally or carefree style, and how you can adapt yourself to the situation and thus blending in smartly.

It's not asking you to strip down your true self, and wearing a different identity. It's about observing, think and act.

Like all skills, social  skill can be sharpen through time. Constant dealing with people, and the frequent exposure to the society will help you very much in familiarising yourself on how to deal and interact with people.

Slowly, I am learning this.

As a person who works in the advertising agency, I have been told and taught that sex appeal can sell almost any products in the market. I won't say that it's entirely a myth, however, I'll take it as a last resort if I am to make the call for that sort of direction in a marketing campaign.

This applies the same thing in work, and career.

I must say that I personally look down on people who uses their sexual aspiration to achieve things in their life. Simply put it, selling the body to have an easy life. Tough job.

A free ticket to a good life, but where is the dignity ?

Physically, comparing men to men and women to women, biologically they are almost identical. If one is capable, then by all means use the given skills and ability to sort things out.

Pissed off.

At times, I laugh to myself by trying not to think about it. How desperate can one be till they can resort to that kind of distasteful action.

Sucking cock, showing skins, hustling companionship. B*tch, I pity you !

At the end of day, allow me to say that, if you are capable, then you are capable.

Only you can conclude this, verifying whether it's true or not.

If you are not, then just too bad.

God bless !

DISCLAIMER: This entry is not intended to a specific mentioned gender. It's a general opinionated post.


Deicidal said...

It's the way the industries work, I believe. Much like any culture, people conform to many practices well accepted since time immemorial.

I'm in the finance industry. What works in the communities here should mimic those of the ad industry closely. Alcohol, smoking, women, you name it, almost any vice covered under the chauvinistic flag they fly. I do none of those. I'm good with my technical work, but when it comes to entertaining, I'm the outcast... until I choose to take a swig off that beer mug. blech.

It's the sad truth. Sex sells. Vice, sells.

ooi2009 said...

sex sells , btw , what happened to our sex

Chen Xing said...

@Deicidal: So long I am in the industry, I'll try to keep things straight.


@ooi2009: You tell me...