Sunday, June 26, 2011

I ended the night by gulping down Hoegaarden.

Something in which I have been longing to do so, tempted and craved for it for some quite time. Finally, a refreshing moment down my throat.

Ahh...couldn't have tasted any better. A moment which put an end to the unhappy incidents occurred during the past week.

I have moved on.

A typical Saturday night out, only that it involved some drinking towards the end. A nice dinner at a cosy place, with friends and once again, catching up on the happenings in our lives. Updating each other and at the same time, feasting our eyes with god's creation - men.

Can't help it as they were only at the next table. Got to admit that my eyes were slightly focused on them, rather than me listening to what my friends got to say.

Sorry, got distracted. After all, I am rainbow and by nature I am drawn to attractive men.

Aww...what a lovely eye candy.


tuls said...

muacks!! distracted by me? i know.. its ok... thanks everybody thanks!

Danny said...

we can talk, listen, scan and flirt at the same time ma.. we are all multi ;p

J-boy said...

hehe who can resist a yummy eye candy?
Bet he would taste sweeter than the beer :P

Leo Nut said...

haha, I absolutely love the sentence :"After all, I am rainbow and by nature I am drawn to attractive men." haha, can i quote you?? :P

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: I thought you were at MP ? I was at Pavilion and then de-toured to Changkat.

@Danny: Agreed.


@J-boy: The beer was later, for sure he would have tasted sweeter than the lemon meringue pie that I was having.

@Klex: Sure. Spread the rainbow.


Deicidal said...

This post is a totally different color than the past few. So bright and warm. :)

Chen Xing said...

@Deicidal: Yup, indeed. And we shall cheers to that.