Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's going to be all covered-up fashion on what I'll be wearing to work tomorrow.

Not pulling off any winter look, as per say.

At first I thought it's just some scratches, but then I looked at it again and it's non other than love-bites due to the intense kissing. Application of suction and pressure to my neck.

One hell of a traditional guā shā technique.

Smooch, smooch !

How long can I hide it ? When will it fade away ? I got to wear scarf around it, shawls to layer it, buttoned-up my shirt and put on a tie to cover up. The weather it's already hot, now...I need to be hotter than usual. Damn, I love that moment, but it's just too obvious now.

A lot.

Hang one, 1, 2...and there are around 6 tiny little patches visibly seen around my neck area.

Ouch !

I am not going out meeting people till the hickeys go away. Cancel all appointments and meetings. Thanks.



Leo Nut said...

Hahahaha, so cute la you. Good luck! haha, wear a turtle neck la.. :P

Danny said...

get a temporary tattoo .. brunches tattoo n those hickey as flowers..;p

Deicidal said...

you knew you were gonna get those hickeys didnt you? ;D

tuls said...

do it bubu style!! :) he has like a millions scarfs! muahahahahaha

J-boy said...

wow 6!!
i can only imagine how intense the smooching session was ;)

did u leave any marks on him? :P

ooi2009 said...

and i tot i will be hooking up with u !

Chen Xing said...

@Klex: are making me all blush now. Yup, I listened to you and wore a turtle neck to work.

Tomorrow, will be wrap-around shawl.


@Danny: Heheh..too obvious. Not really appropriate for work.

@Deicidal: No, not really and for sure, not that many patches.

@tuls: Alright, but will only wear one.

@J-boy: Nope. I didn't. I don't usually kiss a guy till I know that he is the one for me.


@ooi2009: Lol...