Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When Pinocchio tells a lie, his nose will grow an inch longer.

Water, sunlight and carbon dioxide. Grow little penis plant !

When a man lies, his dick will definitely not erect to an inch longer in length.

I was told of a beautiful personality set in a perfect background for an opportunity to foster a good friendship. At times, men will tell me a lot about that promises. I got myself attracted to it, willingly. No one to hold me back, though in reality, friends has been advising me to take a step back and evaluate the situation.

Donkey me, I crossed that road back and forth. Now that the traffic lights were gone, and the pedestrian crossing is painted back black, I found myself standing by the roadside and don't know how to walk back to the other side of the road again.

Why did the chicken cross the road ? (Why walk when you can just fly over it.)

To be honest, I was young and a little naive.

Once, twice and now, thrice. I just didn't know what I am supposed to expect out of the interactions with them. I went through with them, a series of chat cycle, same topic over and over again, only that with different kind of people of the same gender.

Same kind of effect, dreadful and definitely don't want to go through this for the fourth time.

Just not worth the pain.

And I question why they acted in such way ? Sorry, sincerely as I questioned that.

From now on, I just need to prioritize things that I want to achieve in life. Discarding unhappiness, pushing away the negativities - keeping true to my own style.


tuls said...

the brothers! muahahahahahahahha

Pluboy2 said...

Shud have done so long ago lol

Deicidal said...

do what you like, weed off the naysayers, and you'll be a happy boy :D

SynchingZincInc said...


J-boy said...

I... don't really get what this is about. *dumb blonde moment*

It's more than friendship you're talking about right?

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: I am still finding time to digest the truth.

You sure about it ?

@Takashi: Yup. You can b*tch slap me. I need the wake up call. Use both left and right hand.


@Deicidal: True, true.


@SynchingZincInc: :D

@J-boy: Err...it's about how people not conveying the truth. As to like the words and actions from them, just so not the same.