Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A shot at love.

You only got one chance to grab it. When it comes, be sure to seize it and make sure that you cherish it like a priceless treasure. It comes with one end reward, a guaranteed happiness - lifetime.

Filling up the empty void, a companion and an uplifted feeling of joy beyond eternity.

What more can you ask for, to love and be loved.

A shot at love.

You only got one chance to get hit by it. When it comes, be aware of it that it might come right piercing like an arrow through your heart. It speeds fast enough that you will not be able to feel the pain, not at least for that particular moment of being together.

Leaving scars, dissatisfaction and the urge of plunging into depression.

You would rather be alone again, without love or a lover.

A shot at love - indeed what a phrase.


Mr ET said...
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Danny said...

err.. i believe in grabbing love whenever we can .. but i oso believe that love won;t come only once .. if we believe :)

don't stop believing ....... ( glee-ing ;p )

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Hehe...I am also not going to stop believing in it as well.