Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I was once told that, each of us are always being presented with options in this democratic life.

It's up to us to decide upon the options given, how we act on it will basically determine the outcome of the next phase of our life.

Then, I was also constantly being reminded that having options are always a good problem to have.

No matter how you view it, the power rested in you, the ability to choose is always the best feeling to gain.

I know, sometimes it sucks to make a tough call. Split between two options, options which yield the same sort of consequences. So, which one to go for ? Do you weigh in your thoughts in evaluating the future ? Or do you grab the best one you can think of, and just go with it ? Is life all about taking risk ?

Not an easy decision. Even harder when you have more than 2 options to choose from.

Would things be different if you are only given one option ? A chance to live a happy life ? An opportunity which rarely comes, but then so happens that it appears in front of you. A choice that you will not regret making it.

Will you take a long time to ponder on it ? Though the option that you are going to take is wrong by norm, insulted by the society and a sin to nature.

Tell me then, since you have already taken that option.


savante said...

It didn't take me long to ponder since the other option would not have made me happy.

chaiminhuei said...

If you have one choice, you have no comparison of which to become insecure about. In other words, there is no choice if there is only one.

J-boy said...

i would rather have the choices and having to make a tough decision. It's better than not getting to decide at all.
I like taking control, even if the outcome isn't what I expected, at least I was the one who called the shots. :)

Vincent~ said...

yeah... i rather having choices....

i don really like taking risk though... always want to hav a backup plan.. cuz i am scared tat if i take the road where the risks are and fail...i will blame myself forever tat y o y i do notchoose the usual one.

Skyhawk said...

Options are good, but sometime I prefer no option, so that I can focus. Sound oxymoron...? In life, there are always options....

Deicidal said...

I believe if we were stripped of our choice, we wouldn't be miserable. But neither would we be happy. I used to wish I didn't have to choose this life. But I realise there's no point pondering the issue.

The irony that life isn't a choice. Not ours, at least.

ooi2009 said...

i like sex . a. lot

Chen Xing said...

@savante: Ah...that's when both of it are at the two extreme end.

@chaiminhuei: But then, you can still opt to continue life without taking in that option. Hence, the option of not opting the given option.

Yikes, am sounding a little confusing now...

@J-boy: Supposed, one will have to experience it, in order to know whether it's a good or bad move.

Totally got it.

@Vincent~: As long as we plan well, it's ok. Sometimes a little out of the way is not a bad thing after all.

@Skyhawk: Yup, believe in that too.

@Deicidal: Hang on, don't feel too forced by it. Let's opt for a carefree life.


@ooi2009: Who doesn't ?