Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh my, I find English men to be darn sexy right at this very moment.

The accent, and the gentlemen in them.

So, turning me on right now.

Thanks to a dear colleague of mine, I am now hooking myself to this series, Misfits. Similar to the US series, Heroes. Misfits however, focuses on bad kids adapting to their new extra-ordinary abilities.

Now, that's the kind of twist in the series which keeps the content fresh and interesting.

Iwan Rheon
And the above picture further reiterates why you should watch it too. [OMG ! Meltz..he is just too cute/hot/sexy to be on screen.]


Goodnight and Happy Friday !


Deicidal said...

I find that the accent is a double edged blade. On Ed Westwick, it induces boners.
On the regular annoying sods....=/

Chen Xing said...

@DeicidaL: Lol. Perhaps that's the thing that makes them so irresistible.

Kenny Mah said...

Misfits? Not heard of this series before but sounds like a Brit version of New Mutants meets Heroes = HOT! :D

Chen Xing said...

@Kenny: Yup, it's as exactly what you said. It's interesting in a way that there's like 6-7 episodes per season.