Thursday, June 9, 2011

Panting non stop.

Exhausted, tired and painfully aching.

Run Lassie, run fast and go get help. Don't look back, keep on accelerating the speed. Hurry, hurry !

Hang on, take it slow. Just don't go rushing things for the sake of time-urgency. Take time to think, that's it.

Yup ! That's what I am going to do.

 I am done chasing.

That's it then. If you want more, come do the chasing personally. Can always talk to me, interact with me and just try to work a little harder to make me want to stick around with you.

As for me now, no more sweet talking, no more taking the initiative to make the first move and most importantly no more being ignored.

Can't be left that way forever.

Pissed off, and don't give a damn anymore. Better for me to just concentrate on what's really in front of me. Giving away my attention to someone who is deserving, and in return will appreciate it.

To the chase, Auf Wiedersehen !


Mr ET said...

Maybe tis time, it will work better? Instead of chasing, be the one people chased...

ooi2009 said...

never add me also ?

Danny said...

huh? how come so different with the previous entry one?
as long as u know what u want .. and u r happy.. then just do whatever u want :))

cheers :))

Chen Xing said...

@Whizkid: Yup !

@ooi2009: I will...don't worry.

@Danny: No, no. I am happier now. Just that this came to my mind on how "sad" my life was back then.


tuls said...

the last line is so the project runway.. hahahahahah... whats really in fronna you? no more b**dy? hahahahaha

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Haha...ya indeed ! For the moment, my laptop screen is in front of me.


Oh, that B**dy is off to somewhere already.