Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All smile now. Farewell coming soon.

Lunch hour in the coming few days are all fully booked. Colleagues from respective department will be treating me to a humble meal.

Feeling the love and care from them.

Indeed we are already like a family.

Though it's only about a year and slightly more working there, I learned a lot from the seniors, my bosses as well as those from the other department.

First job. Appreciate all the moments very much, and definitely keeping those experience like a priceless treasure.

Goodbye for now.

Passion burning brighter, thanks to the fuel given by you guys.

Life in advertising, is fun.



Danny said...

all the best for the new beginning .. new job rite? :)

tuls said...


Leo Nut said...

When my turn treat you to a meal? haha, On to the next step of life! :P

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Thanks. Yup, 9-6 job and not any kind of jobs that I would love to engage in.



@tuls: Thank you.

@Klex: Why treat me to a meal ? Hmm...

Yup, in life, we can only progress forward.