Friday, June 10, 2011

You see, this kind of story has been told countless of time before.

A single lonely soul met another single lonely soul. They then got together, and learned about each other. As time went by, they developed a deeper connection towards each other.

I'm in love, both said.

I love you, both said to each other.

And then, they got together, forming a relationship that will be an everlasting one.

A very nice feeling to have.

You see, that's how we are told about the ideal relationship. Always, reality kicks in and problems tend to arise. Whether it's a straight couple relationship or gay kind of love or simply somewhere in between bond, this deadly sin will destroy the strongest form of a relationship between two souls.

The last thing for a person in a straight relationship to find out, and the first thing for a gay person that is about to form a relationship to be aware of.

After a decent meal, it's good to munch down on some fruits.

Like they always remind us, adultery it's kind of like a norm in this rainbow community.

So, at what level do you define cheating ? Seeing other guys ? Holding hands ? Locking lips ? Foreplay in bed ? Caressing the body ? Both naked ? Fondling with each other ? Almost all the above but minus the "sex" ? Or the ultimate act of betrayal, anal penetration ?

Recipe for pain & pleasure. Banana & Cucumber ?

Thinking straight off the mind, the husband will tend to cheat on the wife more often than the wife cheats on the husband. So, does that mean that in a gay relationship, the top will have the higher tendency to cheat on the bottom ?

Let me hear your thoughts regarding this. Will ya ?

And now, back to the fabulous single life.



Deicidal said...

that's a bad banana....
but i love bananas.

and cheating is unique to each relationship. there's a boundary and both people know it. where they draw it is up to them.

savante said...

Unfortunately cheating can go both ways. Better to have a talk before they start.

ooi2009 said...

a top

Skyhawk said...

I wanted to vote for 'both' but the choice is not available. In rainbow r/ship, cheating happens in both roles, as both are men!

J-boy said...

This is weird but I'm kind of turned on by the sight of the banana in bed. The cucumber also. Maybe it's because food is not supposed to be in the bed room. :P

And I can't take part in this poll because I don't have the relevant experience.

Justb3cks2 said...

Depends.. In my case (few other cases which I personally seen and involved -by means of fucking other ppl bf) the btm usually cheat me more. Btw I only got 2 ex bf. N both cheated on my (the ultimate act -yeah! Penetration)

How I wish I'm not GAY! so poor things.. Sigh.

Chen Xing said...

@Deicidal: I supposed I can only conclude about this when I am in a relationship.

Obviously, not expecting my partner to cheat. But then it's worth to talk about.

@savante: Yup.

@ooi2009: Sure ? Are a top as well ?

@Skyhawk: True, both are men...they stand an equal chance to cheat. But then, I do hope that there are couples who stay true to each other without the involvement of adultery.

@J-boy: Well, age doesn't really matter when it comes to this context.

Just wanting to hear your thoughts...

@Just B3cks: Don't be. Sometimes we can't really control it and things happen.

To me, as long as the partner go out and meet the guy (without telling his bf)...I'll have to consider that dishonesty already.