Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If you think that I am going to blog about the Law of Attractions, aptly The Secrets by Rhonda Byrne, then you are wrong simply because that is so year two thousand and seven.

I read about it, watched the video and strongly believe in it.

After all, we sort of "vibrate" and when it's in synergy, that's when things that you want will be achievable.

So my scenario is like this:

Lets say that you want a relationship, and you get it.

The next question is:

Do you tell him everything ?

Or, you will ignore the past and look-forward to the future together with him ? Tell him some significant incidents which had happened to you before and those not so important can be left out. Blanket it with other stories if the past is not really that permissible to be revealed. Mend it up with other tales ?

How will it affect the relationship ?

Hey, let me tell you something about him...

Aren't you then curious about his secrets ?


J-boy said...

I think.. u tell him what you're comfortable revealing.

Sure a relationship is about trust, but there needs to be a certain level of comfort too. If he loves you, I don't think he will force u to say anything you don't want to talk about.

And it's also my personal belief that one should never give it all away, no matter who that person is. Some things are best kept to yourself :)

Gosh I sure I have a habit of writing a lot. Sorry!! :P

ooi2009 said...

yeeah , im not only curious abt that , i am curious abt things under ur belt

Clayden L. said...

tell the important ones. when ur partner are ready to hear it. otherwise, it's best to keep it in the closet. after all, this relationship is about you and him and the current and the future, not the past.

Le Chatelier said...

I guess it would not be wise to overwhelm the newbies with too much of information. Good luck dude~ Slow slow lah~

savante said...

Unless it's something relevant to the future, I think you can hardly share everything in time!

Vincent~ said...

to me i think sharing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ... is unhealthy = =

hay u need random quirks to keep the wheel going, giving everything away in the beginning will only seal a monotonous love life.

Talk, but let it out slow.

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: It's ok to write long. Somehow I am this tendency to "tell-all" when I am slightly comfortable with a person.

@ooi2009: Hahaha...I don't usually wear a belt.


@Clayden L.: But then again, it's the past that makes you who you are in the present.


@Le Chatelier: Alright. Will try to take it slow. For now, it's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy.

@savante: So true. Yup.

@Vincent: Lol, maybe I shoould put on this mind set that "I have a lot to share". Will reveal part by part then.