Monday, June 20, 2011

It's not even exciting anymore when you know that it's not even real in the first place.

No longer funny, and no longer makes sense when it's being uttered out to you.

That's the truth, you see.

Changing perceptions, and expectations being brought down.

Nevertheless, it all happens to me and no one else to blame.

Here am I, sitting down after a humble dinner meal. Musing myself to write an encrypted entry once again, for a day that is not progressively productive.

Just like how I envisioned it to be.

It's getting no any better at work, client still being the client, expecting me to do miracles. Pardon you my dear client, I am only human. Having said that, I am the kind of human which execute my task according to a strict protocol in a very ethical manner. Work is work, business is business and personal stuff is personal stuff. After all, I can't be doing all of these at one go as in life, we'll just need to learn how to prioritize things.

It's alright for the moment. I'll take it as a learning curve, imparting this part of experience into my knowledge.

When things go out of your hands, do something about it. Not happy about it ? Don't complain, but then instead try to work out a plan  in which then makes you a happier being.

Been there, done that. Life is indeed exciting when we are being revealed of the naked truth, equally exciting when we are on a constant search for the truth as well.

That's it for the moment. Something which I just need to let it out from my mind

Sincerely apologize for this very much random entry.


Danny said...

i think it's healthier to say things out that keep it in yourself.. especially the not so good ones..
take care n add oil :)

chaiminhuei said...

It is totally not random. You're not alone.

Le Chatelier said...

At least u can handle it at the moment. Clap clap ;-) ur better than average guys... gay guys

Leo Nut said...

Good luck with your work! I know how annoying if feels when someone thinks that you can work miracles, its flattering and all but i wana slap those bitches..>:)

Deicidal said...

Break the rules once in a while. It's liberating. :)

Oh and like many things in life that are free, I think you need another *HUGZ*. Albeit a virtual one. Heheh.

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Thanks. There's only this much I can keep, once it exceeds the limit...I'll have no choice..but to express it out.


@chaiminhuei: Hope so.

@Le Chatelier: Nope, just a humble being.

@Klex: Yup, yup. After all, it's just work. 9 - 6, after that I just don't care about it.

@Deicidal: Thanks. You've been hugging me a lot lately.

I felt the warmth.