Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You came Whatsapp-ed me suddenly.

I wanted to prepare myself to bed, slowly trying to let the feelings I have on you to slip away from my mind though the last chat with you was about two weeks ago if I am not mistaken.

We rarely talk, and just once in a while we asked the question "What's up ?" and "How's life ?". Don't really know whether the feelings are still organic or we are just merely being friendly towards each other.

Though what we had just now was a short chat and messaging activities, you did say that you miss me and told me to text you when I return home.

Will do, but won't be putting any expectations nor hope when I am back.

I know deep down inside I still want to meet up with you, want to see you. Your fair-angelic face, and the moments whereby you used to comfort me with the phrases that put a smile to my face. Those days, I miss it very much. Missing you too as well.

Perhaps, there's something going on in your mind right now. I can't read your mind, and can't really tell what you are thinking of.

I can just assume, imagine.

Rest well, sleep tight.

We shall not force things.


Mr ET said...

Seems like there are a lot of question marks and uncertainties. Maybe you should ask him his feeling toward you? just like your balloon theory, letting it go and it will fly higher and unreachable, trying to grab it, the worst that can happen is the balloon burst. but worry not, there are many balloon.

So how was the presentation?

Chen Xing said...

@Whizkid: Presentation went well, but then will have to revise some part of the proposal.

I did asked the question before, and that's not the answer that I want. He is now attached, so I don't think so I am in the position to repeat the same question again.

Mayb I'll wait and let him ask this time. Whenever he is ready.

tuls said...

im addicted to this song!! siapa nyanyi?

tuls said...

found! hahaahha... its friday friday!! getin down on friday!!! :)

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Addictive right the song..any way I think the lyrics belong to another song that you are currently crazily in love with.