Thursday, March 17, 2011

There are many ways of showing a sign that you are indeed feeling shy.

Just a little embarrassment.

You will blush, your face turns red, your heart pumps faster, you startle upon your speech or without you knowing it you will tend to avoid a direct eye contact with that person.

How often does one feels that way ?

When you are nervous ? Feeling not-so-good about yourself ?

Or simply, when you are being all lovey-dovey ?

That's when you are seeing him face to face. What if when he's out of sight but not out of mind yet, will you still be feeling all shy about it ?

Indeed, a feeling that is in-controllable and an expression that will just come voluntarily.


kidz said...

something interesting to share?? u met someone who make u blushed??? ^^

Skyhawk said...

Must be...share please.

Chen Xing said...

@kidz: Not that interesting. Maybe I am just being over thinking.

Won't put as "blushed" but heart beats faster only.

@Skyhawk: Will share when it does happens. For now, nothing yet. Not for this moment, at least.


Sam said...

Oooooh. Dish! ;)

kidz said...

ooo... photo photo, see if we will blushed too? =p

Chen Xing said...

@Sam Nasser: Already did. Perhaps will spill just a little more in future.


@kiz: Can't. Can't simply reveal people's identity.

I am not sure, but I did blushed when I look at the pictures.