Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not so long ago, I wrote the following statement for my 2011 resolution.

That was about 3 months ago.

Frankly speaking, a lot on my mind at that time. Thought of many things but in the end, I vowed to be fabulous. A fabulous rainbow life that celebrates me as an individual. Doing things that truly express my personality. The ever carefree me who always want to make people laugh.

When they laugh, I laugh together with them. I feel happy. That's how I go about. A very simple concept, simple lifestyle for a simple guy like me.

Somehow, I am not drawn to that for the past few days. I am not feeling the glitters any more. Day after day, I can feel that I am stronger but deep down inside, I am just a delicate little soul right to the core.

I admit that I don't really like to project the negative thoughts in me out to the public. I play camouflage, pretending that I am happy at times.

Not faking it but a strong exterior doesn't always imply to a perfect life.

Honest reply.

Cutting this entry short, as it's a little long to digest.

Video below, something which relates to the emotional problem that I am currently stressing about.

One thing for sure, I learnt how to respect myself today.