Saturday, March 12, 2011

Question: What is blue, comfy, quick and reliable ?
Answer: My car.

After 1 month and 12 days, I can finally say goodbye to the days where I stand like a prostitute typical guy waiting for buses to get to work. Sometimes it's not only 15 minutes of waiting but then it stretches up to 40 minutes before I can get myself into the right bus to the office.

Considering the amount of time I would have to stand and wait, being pissed off was not the option. Simply because I knew that taking the public transport was a temporary thing.

Though I am very much aware that I may be revisiting this part of life again in the future. Just glad to own it back.

So as of yesterday, I got my car back from the mechanic right after the lunch hour. The front part looks brand new, I am just overly excited to see my car again.

Honestly, feeling a little phobia right now and will definitely be extra careful on the road next time.

Hitting the club later ?