Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh my, you think you are a diva ?

Seriously, not that level yet. And you want to compare yourself to me, I am way too fabulous to even care about the shit that you threw at me.

First of all, you are not gay. If yes, probably still in the closet. Secondly, just because you are in the agency for years now, that doesn't make you a senior (what's more when we are of different department). Thirdly, just because I am rainbow and you think that I am weak, that doesn't mean that you can easily pick on me and lashed out your rage towards me (I am stronger than what you think of deep down inside). Fourthly, man up and say it to my face if you are unhappy of certain things instead of showcasing your copy-writing talent by sending me those IM messages.

Want to know what happened that pisses me off ?

Situation 1:

I briefed in a new job last Monday, some minor copy development for this new client to the creative team. Simple job, easy task and to be honest, it can be done in a day's time. So before ending the briefing session, I asked whether there was any objection to the deadline. The copywriter grumbled, and said "Yup, can be done".


So I said to him "If you are really tied up, we can always get the other copywriter to do this job".

Again, ego.

He said "No, I'll do it".

Tomorrow came, and my deadline was at 4 pm. At around 3 pm he dropped by my place, asking me to explain few details. Damn, at that time I realized that he has not started with my work yet. So I asked again, when can I have it. He lashed out, in a very rude and unprofessional way, "You guys f*cking gave me 1 day to do this shit, I am packed you know". I answered, "Where is the passion ?". He replied "Just don't talk to me right now!".

Fine, as long as you get the work done, I am actually alright with the arrangement of not talking to you.

Gosh, men with their ego.

Situation 2:

So I went out for a meeting today with my boss and she sort of asked about the resignation of the 3 people in the office. Obviously, I kept it a secret and didn't reveal much.

Came back to the office, and told the other female colleague about what my boss asked. Immediately, that copywriter MSN-ed me. Saying something like this: "From now on, don't go tell anyone about my departure..bla bla bla..I don't trust your words..bla bla bla".

My question is, if you are already leaving and you leave in a good/professional manner then why be afraid of your departure ? Unless you have put in some lies which blurs the truth to make your way out easier, and you are scared of people knowing about it.

You see, lies are not everything. Be transparent and be honest. After all, that's what we are thought to uphold when we are small.

Anyway, I am alright now. Much better after expressing it out. Few more months and they will be leaving.

Can't wait to work with new set of talents.



Skyhawk said...

Tends to have this kinda idiot in the office, and yet, we have to deal with him. If ppl are leaving, you may have better opportunity as the company needs you more now. Stand firm on your ground and do what you ought to. The good news is - that idiot is leaving soon.

tuls said...

oooo.. new set of talents.. hm.. hope that their talents are huge :) hehehe...

J-boy said...

what is tuls referring to about being huge? ;)

wow i realized i have a dirty mind.. haha

hope new talent is sexy and hunky :P

tuls said...

kihihi... J-boy, you know what im talking about!! definitely! hahahaha...

Chen Xing said...

@Skyhawk: Yup. Just can't wait for that day to come.

For the time being, am probably going to stick around. Seeing something that is worth doing it, right now.

@tuls: For sure it's going to big. But then, don't really care about the size of the package they are bringing in to the long as there are eye candies for me to look at...I'll be motivated.


J-boy: Wishing !!!!

Clayden L. said...

ahhh... office politics...

Chen Xing said...

@Clayden L.: Indeed. Diva or not, I am the Queen in the office.