Monday, March 28, 2011

After a month of nearly searching high and low for a relationship fragrance, I can finally put an end to this long and tiring task.

Previously I used to wear a very fruity/bubbly scent. The smell so sweet that, sometimes I feel like chewing a candy, licking a lollipop or blowing a gum in a very classy manner, though the way I put it seems to be somewhat kinky. 

Off with your imaginations. No, it's just me and the scent !


Now, I have opted for a little serious scent but at the same time still staying true to myself. A scent that is so nature inspired, you can really feel the earth, wind and water running through your nose once you spray it on you. Somehow I am the kind of guy who buys perfumes that no one will usually go pick on the shelves. By doing this, it will somehow "smell" me apart from others.

Lol !

Perhaps this is just me, a very nature person who is strongly connected to all the elements. To be honest, I kind of regret after buying it but then after about a day sensing and wearing it, I am already addicted to the scent.

Kind of like it.

Using his heWood by Dsquared2 now. Hehe.


- a L E x - said...

I love perfumes with the element of water... anything aqua and i'd love it. My fav is Acqua di Gio <3

kidz said...

There is one particular perfume which has an impact on me because whenever i walk into their shop, its all over the place, i wonder how much perfume they hav to use everyday..

but it seems to be a succesful marketing strategy, as i bought a bottle cause it was so memorable.. =p

ooi2009 said...

i also have a perfume , but not nice wan

J-boy said...

Everytime i see the word 'pheromone', i think of the snakes from 'Snakes On A Plane'. That was a pretty lame movie, but the snakes were bad ass! *getting off topic*

I don't use fragrances, because I use this deodorant that has a really strong smell.. Sometimes people think i'm wearing perfume haha :P

Chen Xing said...

@-aLEx: Will go try it one day. Smell fresher ?

@kidz: You still using it ? Was it expensive ?

@ooi2009: Not nice ? Then how come you still bought it ?

It's alright, you can come smell mine.


@J-boy: 'Snakes On A Plane' ? Didn't watch that movie before.

Yup. Some deodorants smell really strong. Hehe, I use both perfume and deodorant.


J-boy said...

haha the story of the movie:
"An FBI agent takes on a plane full of deadly and poisonous snakes, deliberately released to kill a witness being flown from Honolulu to Los Angeles to testify against a mob boss." Basically the bad guys sprayed some pheromones onto the passengers and the plane, which causes the snakes to be hyper aggressive. :P

kidz said...

yup yup... still have it.. heard that they will start their store here in sg this year.. maybe till then u can come down and experience it.. a plus thing, they hire topless model like guys to stand around the store as marketing strategy.. ^^

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: provided me with the link to the movie's synopsis.


@kidz: Come down ? You bring me to tour around ?

I like, topless model, better if they go all nude. Wahahaha !!!

kidz said...

haha... sure.. singapore is not that hard to navigate around anyway.. nude erm maybe in "absolute".. u can go on friday night.. i think they hav special events on that day of the week..

Chen Xing said...

@kidz: Absolute ? PLU club ? Hehe..alright, will note that down.

kidz said...

lol... u can have 3+somes inside too if u need.. =p

Chen Xing said...

@kidz: Not in public places. I must maintain a clean image.