Saturday, March 19, 2011

Time is running out.

Tick-tocking, biological clock is slowly showing signs.

I am getting old.


I am not so keen in terms of the way I do fashion, the way I dress. Wrinkles on my face, and somehow not feeling that active. I need to be youthful, I need to feel young at heart and I need to get my vibrant-soul back in me.

I used to go out during weekends, I used to have lots of things going on during weekdays. But now, I only go once during the weekend while the working days are strictly reserved to me in caging myself in the room during night time. God knows, in the room spending my time surfing the net and watching TV series and depress later on. Listening to music and go to bed when I am sleepy.

Indeed very regimental.

Experiencing the quarter-life crisis ?


J-boy said...

Ugh I know that feeling.
The more u stay in your room, the more isolated u become.. to some extent you don't feel like going out to socialize anymore...

Force yourself to get out! Your future prince is somewhere out there, so you must be there to present yourself ;)

alvin_t said...

i know right ... its either age or we need more fun ..

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: I know. And I need to get my wings back, social butterfly...out in the sky.

Maybe I am only feeling all kind of emo towards the middle of the month...


@alvin_t: I blame the age. Fun wise, I don't know where to look for it anymore.


Sam said...

So what tv shows are you watching? Can't have that many until you don't wanna leave your room right? ;)

Chen Xing said...

@Sam Nasser: I am following Glee, Gossip and few other reality shows (ANTM, The Fashion Show and Project Runway).

Not many, but by the time when I am done watching it at night, I am ready to go to bed.