Monday, March 7, 2011

This thing will come when you least expected it.

Most of the time, we work ourselves hard by planting the seed that in hope one day it will grow into a fruitful tree. At first we might not know what we are putting into the ground, with bare hands we will dig a hole and gently we cover it back, protecting the seed. A little sprinkle of water every now and then. All with the one intention that it will just thrive.

That's opportunity.

Sometimes one will just have to work towards the opportunity, and I do believe that it's not pure luck that opportunity will come to you just like that or in the nick of time. Hence there is no such term as "grab it while you can".

Just like career or even love, no one is going to give you that unless you do something about it. It's the effort that will outcome in countless of opportunities.

I have mentioned before that I am sick and tired of searching. Searching for perfections in terms of love, career and everything that got to do with life. Putting it in a scenario, if I were to stop going out there and meet new people, do you think that I will be able to find myself love ? Or if I have decided not to attend the job interview, will I ever know that they are actually giving me a very good offer ?

Having said that and I know it's a little contradicting, I am just a little curious on how can we tell when the opportunity comes ?  Does one gain the opportunity first in order for him or her to realize that the time has come ? Or what ?

Here am I sitting down, staring blankly on the screen while counting back on the opportunities that I have missed out and at the same time thinking of the possible opportunities that are about to come.

Perhaps, there will always be tomorrow ?


Jon C said...

Ahh yes. Then again, tomorrow will not be the same as before.

For tomorrow, the opportunities seem endless ;)

tuls said...
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tuls said...

sometimes too much of a choice also cause you headache de.. you will reach the day when 3 or 4 guys are after you at the same time! hahaha.. see how you tackle!! :)

kidz said...

Opportunites comes and goes, if choices are really a lot, just go with ur intuition i guess, normally they are what u really want.. and 1 thing i always remember a professor said to us.. luck is for those who are prepared, so be it love or career, just be sure to get ourselves ready for it. so u wont miss it or even loose it when they crosses our path.

Skyhawk said...

Searching for perfection is tough as nothing is perfect in this world. For career, I always believe if you do well, you will have better opportunity, be it the current or future job opportunity.

For love, I believe in fate (although we need to fight for it), if he is yours, yours...

Good luck CX.

Word Verification is chube, lolx!

Chen Xing said...

@Jon C: True enough, each day will have a different set of challenge and opportunity to face.

Would it be better if I were to just live for the present at this moment ?

@tuls: Crossing fingers ! Hopefully one day, it will happen to me. Then, maybe I'll need your help in choosing.


@kidz: You see, intuition is what I am lacking of. Guess I'll have to learn how to trust it and believe in the path that it will guide me to.

Thanks for dropping my blog.


@Skyhawk: Maybe I need a guiding star in dealing with these matters, in which sometimes I find it very hard to figure it out.

I am alright. Thanks.

"Chube" ? *grin* *grin*


thompsonboy said...

Here;s my take if you may - things that you can work and have some sort of control for eg career, one should just go all out. You might not be the smartest person on earth but as long as you work hard, there will be rewards.

When it comes to relationship, it's not the matter of how hard you work and how much you put into it. I believe in fate and whats meant to be.
Having said that, one cannot just sit at home and wait for him to fall down from the sky.

That's my approach anyway.

Chen Xing said...

@thompsonboy: Yup. Totally on the same page as you.

Go all out, but if it's sort of a mistake that we least we got a lesson out of it.