Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It all started with, "I am going to tell you a secret..."

Well, this is partly because I am once again so into the album right now. Played the DVD and re-watched the concert just now and plan to loop the whole live recording album in the office tomorrow. I am referring to Madonna's, The Confessions Tour

Always love her music, and that particular concert/theme/album/direction indeed celebrates one's individuality towards love and relationship, fame and religion. Most of the songs really bring out the meaning of the whole album in a way that I will not be bored listening to it over and over again.

Very entertaining and satisfying.

I can go on reviewing the whole album or the concert, but you'll be the judge for yourself. One thing for sure, I am most captured by the last scene of the concert when the backdrop-screen projected the phrase "Have you Confessed ?".

My answer would be no, just not yet. Not fully though, if the answer was to be yes.

But for now I'll tell you a secret. I  have a confession to make...

I am feeling all nervous, excited and heart-beating whole lot more faster. Don't know why. Perhaps it's the Wednesday, sort of a different kind of Wednesday vibe I am feeling. Took my shower, and feeling slightly calm now.

So how ? I am thinking of what clothes to wear, what shoes to match with and what hairstyle to put on. Oh my, I am over analyzing things once again.

Alright, maybe just be extra gentle and  please do try to calm me down with a very very friendly approach.

Will ya ?

Thanks, as I know it will be a great day ahead of me.


Skyhawk said...

Some ppl seems dating tonight uh? Anyway...good luck man!

Mr ET said...

I got question marks appear.... having meeting with someone?

savante said...

Take a deep breath :) Good luck!

Chen Xing said...

@skyhawk: Don't know how to put it, and can't really say that it's a date.

It's more to a decent dinner with a little intention of wanting it to last just a little more longer.

@Whizkid: Indeed, it was a meeting with someone. A great meeting though.


@savante: Yup, that's what I did moments before the meeting.

Thanks for the luck !

Jon C said...

Okay, so it wasn't a date but a rendezvous? :D

Chen Xing said...

@Jon C: Yup, yup.