Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a brand new week with a brand new hope.

Always, I will tell myself that the start of the week is not really that bad. Though we enjoy the weekend most, the fact is, we spend most of our time doing something during weekdays.

Today was exceptionally not that bad for me. I managed to complete all the assigned tasks, most of it, and did quite well in the proposal part. Will be presenting it to the client tomorrow, so wish me luck.

As I was busy concentrating on my work in the office, it came across my mind that when we long for something that is somehow out of our reach and means and worst still when we know that it's wrong to go for it, we will tend to be all overly excited. True enough (at least for me), we will pressure ourselves by going through a depression cycle, got ourselves lost in the process and towards the end, we gain nothing but lost all the dignity in us.

Have the lesson being learnt ?

Set it free and you will. You will be free.

It's just like freeing the balloons into the air. Trying to grab it, but the balloons will just rise up and go higher. Sometimes, just so many of it that we don't really know which one to grab and which one to let go. Consequences are, if we force ourselves too much, the balloon might burst into pieces or we might even fall to the ground when we tip-toed tall trying to catch the light-weighted rubber ball of wonders.

It got me thinking. Wrong, a forbidden act yet I still want to bite the apple. Somebody to hold me back ?

Perhaps I am just overwhelmed by the album above. Indeed another love-themed album to look out for. My personal favourites are Poison, Don't Hold Your Breath, Killer Love, You Will Be Loved and Desperate.

Go give it a listen, and I shall truly dedicate this entry to this particular album, aptly titled Killer Love. 

Should I be inspired now ?

Longing for something unattainable.


Mr ET said...

Well good luck for your presentation. 加油!

like your "balloon" theory. I have a similar belief too.

kidz said...

I always believe in life never tried never know... so many things i rather tried and failed then regret not trying, same for living up the gay life, if i think too much bout family and what other thing, thats depriving of my own life, my freedom..

but of course, jus learn when to stop when something starts to go wrong..

tuls said...

dont long lor.. obtain it.. if not then forget about it! longing is stupid! :)

Sam said...

Nothing is unattainable, as long as you know what you want. :)

J-boy said...

Poison left quite an impression in my head. Was humming it for days at one point.

It truly poisoned my mind! ;)

Skyhawk said...

Do what's deemed right to you...avoid forbidden apple as it may poison you....

The ballon theory is great. Don't know which one to grab and let go? Grab all first, and let go those not suitable ones....hahaha...I'm just trying to be funny here.

Chen Xing said...

@Whizkid: Thanks. I supposed that Chinese characters translate to "jia yu" ?

Heheh..just guessing.

@kidz: Yup. Me myself am also a risk taker.

I guess to feel the pain will give me an effective learning experience of the situation.

@tuls: I will not long for a very long time. Maybe I am just a little unoccupied right now.

I will work hard to get it !

@Sam Nasser: I need to make plans on how to go about to achieving things that I really want in life.

@J-boy: Have you downloaded the album ? *hint: Download link is below the picture.

For the moment, I the one that is looping in my player is You Will Be Loved. Just find the lyrics matching the current situation.

@Skyhawk: There's saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Perhaps there's a cure to the poison.

I need a moment of deep thinking again.