Sunday, April 3, 2011

Major concern !

Back home yesterday, hit the club at night.

Drag shows, cabaret performances and a night that was full of dancing. Saturday night-out in the island.

Simply splendid.

Half way through the show, the host noticed me. She asked "Are you feeling alright ?". "You look kind of depress and sad" she added. Obviously, I said no. Perhaps a little too tired from travelling back home in the morning, a happier reason for me to use instead.

Then she further add-on "Break-up ? Got dumped by boyfriend ?" I got no boyfriend in the first place.

Deep down inside, I am actually thinking about my work. Over-working, stress and being pressured.

Come on, I just need to learn how to not let it affect me so much. Must really draw a line between personal space and work space.

Hence, the obvious sign of depression on my face and I am supposed to be enjoying instead of worrying.

Saturday night, what a moment.


Mr ET said...

*pat, always look on the bright side of life.

kidz said...

Clubbing can be emo-ish at times... which is why good music is important, it makes you relax for a moment, and a small drink wont hurt.. ;)

cheers emo-boi..

tuls said...

@whizkid ~ you and your first to comment! eeeeeeeeeeeee...

@kidz ~ you also island boy kan? can relate? hahahahaha... so i throw my hands up they playing my song, the butterflies fly away..... lalalalalala...

@CX ~ *huggies* i think you needed option 2 instead of club! hahahahahahaha

Pluboy2 said...

Cheerio! After work just forget all damn things about work and do things you enjoy :)

Skyhawk said...

At Bom Bom? Anyway, need to draw a line between work and personal space....if it's time to relax, enjoy it...have a great trip back home!

kidz said...

Tuls, island boy?? wats that?? option 2??? *kepoh-ing*

tuls said...

CX is originated from Penang mar.. penang = island.. and kidz = sg(current) = island.. so can relate lor..

bout the option 2 thing.. hehe... you are not eligible to know.. only bffs can know! muahahahaha!!

Chen Xing said...

@Whizkid: Thanks. And thanks for that uplifting melody.

@kidz: Lol, emo-boy. I just worrying too much.

But I am a little better now.

@tuls: Option 2 was just now, dinner.


@Takashi: Welcome PLUBoy. True, and lesson learnt. Must have 2 phone numbers. 1 for work, and 1 more for personal use.

@Skyhawk: Yup. Went to Boom Boom. At first wanted to go to Bagan, but ended up in Boom Boom for the shows.

As always, there's no place like home.