Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I bet you will have that someone, a close companion of yours to talk over things at the end of the day. It can be the after work happy-hour drinking session, phone conversation during night time or chit chat session right before bedtime.

May it be your partner or lover, a girl friend or even the BFF, we tend to have this session as frequent as possible to keep each other updated and sane all the time. Catching up never could have been this fun and exciting.

So, you are now attached to someone else. Happily being in a relationship and you got to know his friends. I know, the feeling of being in love, wanting to dig every piece of story about him. He can only tell you this much, but you want more. You turn to his friends, friends that usually mix with him and sort of knows him well.

To them, you are someone new. Perhaps, it will take some time for them to really know you and be comfortable.

Problem is, do you go attempt to have heart-to-heart talk with the new friend(s) you made. Friends of your boyfriend, and pour it all out to them on your problems and all sort of dilemmas ?

Frankly, I find it a little weird as you can go talk about most things but then details like intimacy with your boyfriend and the sexual sexual topic can be kept private. Sometimes, I wonder whether that the lust in you makes you want to flirt with guys that adores you or you are irresistibly that friendly.

Now, pillow talk session with me please !


tuls said...

hm.. some of his existing friends are even closer to me than him edi.. which has its pros and cons lor.. hahaha.. no harm done la but the bf also will get sikit jealous geh sometimes.. but now no more le :)

savante said...

Guess you can be close to his friends - depending on how long you've been together!

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Then, is he close to your friends ?

@savante: I would, this is something to talk about before the start of the relationship. But then again, can't be the whole bunch of friends.

Personally, I'll just pick a few to be close with.

tuls said...

i got not much fabulous friends, and they are all not in KL or PJ.. so basically he is not very close to any of my friends.. we have lots of friends made together as a couple so those are like close to both lor.. so.. yea..

Chen Xing said...

That's a good thing. Unlike me, don't really have that many friends around me. Good friend I mean.


tuls said...

i'll be your friend lor!! :)