Sunday, January 30, 2011

I was out and about yesterday. Hanging out with good friends. Exploring the town like I used to do. It was all about food, when you are back at home. No doubt, that was the highlight of the little soiree we had.

Right before that, was at the mall executing the last-minute shopping spree. Got nothing. Perhaps will just go out tomorrow and hunt again.


Wearing a white t-shirt, you caught my attention. Asking myself why you would shop alone. You were very detailed when it comes to clothing items. You were in the shop for almost an hour, slowly picking up clothes that you like. I walked around and peeped at you while waiting for my friend to be done with his buy. In my mind, you are darn the BF material kind of person. Before walking out from the shop, I took one last glance at your face and you were at the counter - paying.

Goodbye, till we meet again.

Had light meal, chatted and catching up. We shopped around the mall. Lastly, headed down to the basement to do some groceries shopping.

You again. Glad to see you again. I looked closer this time. I noticed that you have a remarkably sexy tattoo around your shoulder. Those white t-shirt that you were wearing indeed wanting me to know more. Curious I would say. Partly hidden, and the thin fabric of the t-shirt sort of making it partially visible to the naked eye. I saw the shape of the design.

Oh my, you bought a lot of stuff. Somehow, am sensing that you are alone.

Beautiful stranger.

Can we be friends ? The guy I met yesterday. Trying not to be obsessed but beautiful people do walk on the streets.


Aiden said...

You should've said hi or something! Maybe struck up a conversation? Haha

I think people who are single and alone buy a lot of stuff. The shopping bit sounds a lot like me.

Hope you get to meet the stranger again. :)

tuls said...

i will try to go nearer lor.. hahahaah.. maybe make some eye contact!! :)

Chen Xing said...

@A: Wanted to, but then he's a stranger. Hopefully he is single.


@tuls: Tried, but he was extremely 100% on picking up some t-shirts to try on.

Aiden said...

True true. But strangers can become friends or even more if you give it a shot! And yes, hopefully he's single ;)

Chen Xing said...

Hmm...I think I just need to be a little more daring in life.

Aiden said...

Good luck!! Keep us all updated on this stranger! =D