Sunday, January 2, 2011

You hit the club for a couple of reasons.

1. Drink your heart out.
2. Dance like there's no tomorrow.
3. Develop a new set of friendships.

Honestly, I don't really go for the first reason as I have been drinking a lot lately and every time when I exceed four glasses/shots/bottles of any kind of alcohol I will sort of throw-up after getting myself safely back home.

Sometimes I feel alright, just wanting to sleep but then after tossing around I will tend to get uncomfortable and resorting myself to face the toilet bowl, for a not-so-anticipated moment. Disturbing, but that's the price to pay in order to feel drunk.

So back to this entry, I was just wondering. If your clique just doesn't comply to the reasons on why we should go clubbing together, does that mean that they are not the right kind of clique for me to go clubbing with ? Meaning, I will need to find some other buddies to accompany me to this sort of night-out ?

Me being such a dance-lover, I will die if when I go to club and not dance.

Initially, we vowed to know more people in the club, wanting to make new friends. But then, after countless of attempt (most of us being partly a little more shy and quiet) it seems not happening. Sometimes we dared each other, sometimes we were just so sick and tired of this game and felt like giving up.

Does the problem lies in the individual as in each of us, or it's a collective fault that we weren't able to achieve our intended objectives ? Clique introducing to another clique. If so, is it alright for one to just hit the club by himself or dance alone on the dance-floor while his friends sat at one corner or dance alone and trying to be noticeable by the crowd ?

Or, can just tell me that other than clubs, I can actually resort to other avenue to accommodate the reasons stated earlier on.

Help !


tuls said...

i leh.. i will ditch my bf and dance on the dancefloor myself.. i dont care about anyone else when im dancing and i just move my hips to the beat!!!


move your feet into the night... o o o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hhahahaaha

Chen Xing said...

Haha..tuls, next time we shall "cardio" together in the club.