Sunday, January 23, 2011

I was happily getting ready to hit the club. Excited as it has been few weeks already and finally, decided to just hang out there with my friends. Trying to have fun and to get over the work/career stress that has been bothering me lately.

So, left the house around 10.20 pm and drove all of us to the destination. Pretty smooth ride, till when I was about to reach the town, it happened.

The accident.

My car hit the car in front, and certainly I was shocked and a little traumatized as to don't really know what to do. Damn, those series of unfortunate events. Bad luck seems not to go away from me.

I walked out of the car, and realized that right before my car hit the car in front, the car in front had actually collided with another car. Eventually I tried to avoid by cutting into another lane, but then there were too many cars and navigating to a safer side of the lane was beyond impossible. Got no choice, but to just let speed and impact took it course.

I am alright, and in fact nothing bad happened to all of us. And to my dearest car, thank god for the tough build the damages were not that severe, only that when I look at it, I feel sad and guilty.

Careless and not concentrating !

Went to the police station, and went through the processes. Nothing serious, waiting for this weekend so that I can send the car to the workshop for the much needed fixing.

Now, how I am going to survive for 2 weeks without a car ? I know that what doesn't kill you will only makes you stronger in the end. But then come on, if it's so damn frequent then might as well take me away.

Crossing fingers, hopefully it will be a better year when the Rabbit hops in. Indeed, I sort of ended the year of the Tiger with a bang.



Jon C said...

Oh my.. Good to know you're still okay. Drive safe!

*cross fingers too* To a better Rabbit year :D

tuls said...

amen nothing happen..

Skyhawk said...

Drive safe CX...yes, better Rabbot year ahead.

Chen Xing said...

Hey all, I am alright. Just a little sad, that I damaged my car. Other than that, one more week and shall be done with the year of Tiger. Bad tiger...

Thanks for the concern.