Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to the magical world of Disney Yikes, thought I am writing an ad for Disney.

Just before 2010 was about to be over, I found myself (for nearly 2 days) listening to all Disney's songs. Most of it would be from the animated princesses movies such as Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, Snow White & Cinderella.

Sometimes I believe that a little magical moment is not that bad after all. Those phrases uttered out in the lyrics are like pixie dust, falling down from the sky and giving me a brand new hope when it touches my skin.

And somewhere deep down inside every rainbow people, I am sure there is a little "princess" hidden in us. It's totally alright to feel that way once in a while.

The feeling of  being pampered, to live happily ever after and to wait for that prince charming to come (though the waiting game can be a pain in the a**). Yet, a princess still got to keep her poise.

It's alright, as it's a princess duty to have those reasons revolving her own fantasy life. Do you have a fantasy of your own too ?

So, was listening to all the songs and half way through, a female colleague of mine turned around and told me that she wouldn't want her kids to be watching all these cartoons (except for like Cars, Up & so on...) as it gives them false hope especially towards love and relationship.

Oh well, I still believe in the magic and for sure someday my prince will definitely come.


p.s. By the way, "A dream is what your heart wishes for" quoted from Cinderella.


tuls said...

i watch UP and i cried so much... :( the part where she died...

savante said...

I always wanted the castle but always knew I could get it all on my own :)

Legolas said...

Ask your colleague to watch Enchanted, then she will believe in magical love.

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Yup. Up indeed was very touching, almost cried. An animation full of life-learning lessons.

@savante: Well, then can have 2. Would be happier right ?

@Legolas: Ok, will do. Love Enchanted too.