Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It felt like a month.

I didn't get to online yesterday night when I was back home. The connection got cut-off, all just because I am like 2 days late in paying the bill. So I was sort of feeling somewhat different yesterday night. Though I got to go online most of the time during work hours, I don't usually do my personal stuff when I am in the office. Alright, maybe once in a while I do log in to the blog and check for comments. That's all. Most of my entries update are done at home.

There's been lots of things happening this week. The year 2011 is finally picking up its pace, though work wise it's still pretty much the same. I got a phone call from another agency yesterday to attend a second interview. Not expecting it as it has been almost 2 months, and surprisingly now only they revert. Well, attending the second interview just to see what they have for me. Apart from that, will also be attending another interview in a smaller local agency. Again, not really wanting to switch, but then just exploring the benefits given.

Supposed to do some design work on the Chinese New Year greetings, but then it's been 2 nights now - I am just not mused. Somehow been thinking and trying to make sense on what's been bothering me lately.

Hmm...well, I know I am supposed to blog about other interesting things in life. But then bare with me, sometimes this blog do reveal the emo/softer side of it.

Very random entry indeed.


Skyhawk said...

You may switch, if the opportunity and rewards are superior...all the best CX!

Chen Xing said...

Thanks Skyhawk. A deep thinking is really needed when I make the decision.