Friday, January 14, 2011

So, just a moment ago I met up with my buddies again.

In fact we met for dinner today and then went for a dessert session together. Chatted almost all night long and after about 30 minutes when I reached home, they called again. This time asking me whether I would like to join them for a supper session.

I said yes.

So we drove almost 15 minutes away from the place that we are currently staying just to get ourselves some delicious Ramly burgers. Yup, those burgers from the classic roadside burger stall. Something authentic and not mass produced.

Drove back, and sat down by the garden of the apartment block. Slowly we ate our burgers and gulped down some chilled drinks. The breezy wind, and the serene surrounding made it a perfect moment to have a friendly talk with each other.

As we were about to be done with supper, I asked a random question. "If you have a boyfriend and in a relationship, what will you be doing with him right now at this very moment ?". One answered "Probably reading some books or magazines, on the bed" while the other one said "Watching DVD together". I don't really know what to picture in my mind. Just so random.

Well, that was the supper talk/thought we had.

Now I am feeling guilty for eating so much and frequent today.



Aiden said...

There's a Ramly burger stall near my place. But I've never tried it. And it's actually a 1-2 minute drive away. Hmm I should try it soon.

Jon C said...

Oh. I used to do supper talk on bed with the bf.. haha

Chen Xing said...

@A: Go try it someday. 1-2 minutes..pretty sure it's a walking distance right ?

@Jon C: Err..what about now ? Hehe..

Jon C said...

Well, not anymore.. but I miss the feeling. Hehe