Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ever since young, I have always known that I am a special kind of kid. My taste to the normal kind of requirements in life at that time were somewhat different from the peers of my age. I grew up to be a very determined, detailed, strong and fabulous independent being, projecting an absolute high level of poise and taste in things that are related to me.

Of course, as I am in the process of meta-morphing into a colorful social butterfly, I met few other butterflies throughout the journey and with our ever eye-catching pair of wings, we flocked together. Flapping our wings learning the ups and downs of being labeled the rainbow in the society.

To be honest, we got our high school to be thankful.

Without those harsh words from fellow "schoolmates" shouting at us with all those names, we wouldn't have the studs and jocks in the school to come to our rescue.

Well, most of the time we would be able to handle almost all situations by ourselves. But then, a little appearance by them here and there sometimes made our presence a whole lot more fierce. What to do, coming from an all boys school, each clique will have their different role to play. We chose the role of being different.

We love it. That's when we started out to show our appreciation towards the complex beauty of men. Both inner and outer beauty.

We were like Blair Waldorf in Constance, ever that loud with plenty of statements to be made in the school compound. A strategically well-reserved table in the school canteen during recess, a special kind of connections with the authorities in the school, a friendlier bond with all the teachers and lastly a flair for drama in making the school the center stage.

Looking back at all these, the jocks and the studs are now all grown up. What a man they have become. Some still manage to maintain their hotness, some put on a lot of weight, some broke our heart by being in a relationship and some, to our surprise, chose to embrace the rainbow lifestyle. Welcome, newbies. The grass is ever that colorful on the other side.

Just so interesting. High school crushes, first exposure to the feeling of wanting someone.

So boys, care for a homecoming this year ?


Skyhawk said...

Well written CX...very true, looking back, some still manage to maintain their hotness...some have almost double his size...hahaha...

Word Verification is 'fulat'...lolxxx!

Chen Xing said...


Skyhawk, eyed on any high school crush(es) before ? Still keep in touch with some of them ?