Thursday, January 20, 2011

Having trouble in sleeping lately ? Feeling the disturbance ? Thinking about the current situation, and how it will impact the future ? Stressing too much of yourself and clearly it's not a healthy sign.

Sleep deprive and insomnia. That's what you are getting at the moment.

There's nothing you can do. But to ease a little of the worries you have here, you got to know about this "Sleep Book". A book where you write down your somewhat important "sleeping" activities. How you do it, what position you engaged in, where does it happen, which hour of the night or day and lastly who is with you at that time.

Yes, I am referring to sleeping partners in bed. The guys you slept with.

So again, for those who used to have this kind of sex-life or currently still living one right now, do you keep track of the guys you slept with ? I am seeing it in two 2 different kind of tracking system here:

1. You sleep with different kind of guys, and then secretly you will write down his name in your diary as to you have successfully "conquered" him or "nailed" him down. Then you move on to the next one.

The only reason you are doing this is wanting to keep record of your proud achievements.

2. Another scenario would be that, you secretly list out 10 names of the guys/hot guys that you would want to sleep with (that's your to-do list). Then you work your ways in till they drop their pants. Lights off, hot make out session. And then when you are done, you strike out the name one by one from the little "sleeping" book you have.

 Now, don't we have a perfect book to read right before bedtime ?

Hope you'll be able to sleep well after this.