Monday, January 10, 2011

DISCLAIMER: This entry is not for the virgin readers. If you are one, kindly do click on the following link.

So, you have a long passionate love making session in bed. Some people will do it with their lover, some with a secret lover, some with random lover while some even with an unknown lover.

Truth is, people (particularly gay people) tend to lost touch on the true meaning of sex. Taking it as a moment to cure the lust in them. To me, making love can only be divided into 2 categories. 1) Flings, without any intentions of wanting to be with that person and mainly just wanting to reach the peak of orgasm instead (perfectly fit for the unattached singles). 2) Bonding moments, having the most sincere and mutual feelings of wanting to make the relationship with each other a little more special (ideally for happy couples).

For whatever reasons on why one engage in love making session, we can't really have the actual answer in our hand as it varies from one being to another, one lover to another. I am far more curious instead, on the first word or the line of phrase uttered out to the partner right after the session.

If you are making a long passionate love with your lover, are you going to say "I love you" after the session ? If you are making it with the secret lover, are you going to say "Let's do it again" after the session ? If you are making it with a random lover, are you going to say "Can I have your number" after the session ? Or if you are making it with an unknown lover, are you going to say "Thank You" after the session ?

I know, it's very much dependent on the situation. But then, let us not hope that it's not the usual term such as "That was awesome", "Sound of heavy breathing and panting", or even "Speechless" being applied.


Jon C said...

I'll just wink. ;) Says it all I guess

tuls said...

i will lick my upper lips and use my hamsap eye raise eye brow twice and then walk off after doing with random lover and unknown lover... hahahahaha...

Skyhawk said...

I'm a virgin reader, I ended up reading your kama-sutra post...sigh! lolx!

Chen Xing said...

@Jon C: ..and then you will smile as well ? Sure not saying anything to him ?

@tuls: What about your true love a.k.a Bubu ?


@Skyhawk: Lol.."virgin" reader. Hope you find it insightful.


Hmm...wonder what comment you will say if you are not a "virgin" reader.